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Secure and convenient eBanking and eCommerce is a key factor in the future of banking and e-purchasing. PKI technology seams to be the most secure and reliable way to authenticate yourself, to authorize your eBanking transaction, or to purchase goods from eCommerce on the Internet..NET cards put state of the art technology to the service of organizations committed to take their IT Security and Identity & Access infrastructure to the next level.

PKI cards and certificates needs to be managed by certificate authority but also by end user. .NET PKI card manager will make PKI card and certificate life cycle convenient and easy to use for end user. .NET PKI card manager is desktop tool for managing cards, PINs,  PKI keys and certificates for clients who use PKI strong authentication for online services such as e-banking, access to secured web services, access to VPN, mail encryption and signature etc. It is compliant with .NET cards with no needs for driver and middleware installation.

 Easy to install and user friendly .NET PKI card manager supports following functionalities:

- Smart card unblock

- PIN management (create PIN, change PIN)

- PIN unblock due exceed pin trial limit

- PKI key par management (create, delete, import, export)

- PKI certificate management  (create, delete, import, export)

All 32 bit and 64 bit Windows platforms are supported.

Solution is compatible with Smart Enterprise Guardian, Smart Guardian, and .NET Dual Gemalto Tokens, and PC Twin, PC USB-TR, USB Shell Token v2, SEG readers.

PKI 1 - - Etranet

PKI 2 - - Etranet

PKI 3 - - Etranet